January 7
Ma Boxey writes about how cold it's been, Pascal worrying about a new job, and she sent JD a copy of the Banner Independent newspaper.

January 10
JD's sister Dennis writes this one. Ma Boxey's been sick; Dennis lost her job; JD's new wife visited; and it's REALLY cold outside.

April 1
JD's first letter since January, and it's one of the few letters we still have that was written to Margaret. He's been to Australia where the people are nice but they drive on the opposite side of the road - very confusing. (lol) JD is currently on one of the many islands in the northern Pacific. He's seen many other places. He misses home; wishes he could have sent Margaret something on her birthday. And more... long letter.

April 1
No, you're not seeing double; there are indeed two letters dated April 1st. This one went to JD's parents. He mentions a lot of what he wrote to Margaret in the previous letter. He also talks about how happy he is about Hoyt and Mickey getting married.

April 14
JD wrote this letter on April 14th, but it didn't get postmarked until the 24th, and his family didn't receive it until June 4th. He's still on the same island he's been on since his last letters; he doesn't like it much, but he's doing well. Asks about things back home. He asks about Pascal getting the Physical Director job with the navy; JD thought he would be more suited to the laboratory job in Sheffield.

April 18
JD's left the island he was on, but he's unable to say anything specific due to censorship. Asking how everybody's doing.

April 19
JD is finally allowed to tell the family his location: New Caledonia. He's got a new hair cut, and he wants a new camera so he can send pictures home. JD talks about his beliefs.

April 28
JD discusses his location some more in case the censors didn't let his last letter go through unedited. He talks about how much getting their letters means to him, and he wants them to send him pictures.

May 2
JD talks about all the mail he's received and how happy the letters make him. He also talks a little about New Caledonia. A big chunk of the letter is about the money he's earning and saving while he's away at war.

May 9
JD complains about how irregular the mail services are on the island. JD got a promotion and is earning more money now. Margaret told him she didn't like his mustache in the pictures, so he guesses he'll get rid of it.

May 10
JD just got a lot of mail, some pictures from Margaret, and several Banner Independent newspapers. JD talks a little about Margaret working at a new job and how they'll really be rich when he gets home. He's also increased his pay allotment. JD was sorry to hear about the tornado back home. He's currently living in a tent with a couple of guys from Brooklyn and Massachusetts. They've taken lots of pictures, but still have no way to develop them. He says again how much he loves getting everybody's letters, and that he thinks he gets more mail than anybody else; guys tease him about it.

May 11
JD says they've been under complete black outs and he's having to write next to a small lantern. He was happy to receive their letters; air mail stamps don't seem to affect how quickly he receives the letters. He's glad that the family finally got his letters that he wrote while on the boat to Australia; JD comments that lots of boys got sea sick, but that he only got a little nauseous once. He wishes he could tell more about what he does, but he's not allowed.

May 18
JD received some gum from home and talks about the rations of gum and cigars that he gets from the Army. LOVES those cigars! He's also glad that Margaret and his sisters like their jobs. JD complains about how he can't tell them anything that's going on with him due to censorship.

May 26
JD just got a letter from them after two weeks of no mail, so he's dropping them a few lines. He complains that the cooks don't make the coffee strong enough, but he's glad to have it anyway. JD mentions getting an issue of the Banner Independent and noticing an apartment for rent that would be perfect for him and Margaret.

May 28
In JD's letter to Hoyt, he asks how married life is, and how Hoyt's house plans are coming along. JD also asks how their parents are doing, and mentions Pascal's new job with the FBI. He opines about how he would like to tell Hoyt about all the stuff that is going on where he is, but he's not allowed. **Includes Transcription**

May 29
JD says rumor has it that there's mail on the island, but he didn't get anything today. He's hoping to get some soon. JD talks about the weather and how it's affected his hygiene. He asks about his brothers' jobs. After a few days, JD writes a little more on the letter and says he's received a letter from Pascal that says Jos. Mitchell might be on the island. JD hasn't seen him, but he wishes that he could. He mentions that Hollis White also had to be shipped out. **Includes Transcription**

June 10
JD is very pleased to have received a care package from home containing cake and cookies. He was also excited to read the newspaper that the cookies were wrapped packaged (The Commercial Appeal). In other news, JD now has a Specialist rating which means he'll get a pay increase. **Includes Transcription**

June 14 – Father's Day
JD writes a letter to his dad for Father's Day. **Includes Transcription**

June 14
JD is disappointed that he hasn't received any mail this week, but he hopes to get some soon. He mentions again how thankful he was to receive the cake and cookies from home. He also talks about the weather, his pay increase, and wonders how his sisters and wife are liking their jobs. **Includes Transcription**

June 17
JD received some photos of the family in the mail. He's glad to finally have confirmation that they're receiving his mail, so he's decided to send them a photo as well. **Includes Transcription**

June 25
JD's family mentioned seeing on t.v. the convoy when it arrived in Australia; he tells them again that he mailed home the Scuttle Butt ship log about the journey over. He responds to Hoyt's mentioning the family drama that is apparently going on with Uncle George. JD asks about things at home, and says that he still often looks at the pictures they sent him. He's been eating pretty well lately (there's lots of cows on the island), but he hopes Margaret is still practicing to cook because he's going to eat a lot when he gets back! **Includes Transcription**

June 28
In this letter JD is replying to mail that he's received. He's sad to hear that Hoyt has quit his job since he's likely to be drafted into the army soon; hopefully he won't have to go, though. JD tells the family to keep an eye on Life Magazine because they've been in the area taking photos for a story. (Perhaps it was this one, or this one?) **Includes Transcription**

June 29
JD has received letters from several people. JD says envelops will soon become scarce, so he’ll start only sending letters to his parents and wife; he tells Pascal to read those. Hoyt will be joining leaving for service in the Army May 4th. JD mentions the Life Magazine photographers again and requests that the family send him a copy when the issue comes out. **Includes Transcription**

July 7
JD has been really busy so he hasn't had time to finish a letter in a week or so. He's been receiving a good bit of their mail recently — some of it from way back in February. JD is now a PFC which means he's able to increase his pay allotment; he'll send money home when he has a bit saved up. JD is anxious to hear more news about Hoyt's being drafted. **Includes Transcription**

More coming soon...
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