Thursday, May 28, 1942

In JD's letter to Hoyt, he asks how married life is, and how Hoyt's house plans are coming along. JD also asks how their parents are doing, and mentions Pascal's new job with the FBI. He opines about how he would like to tell Hoyt about all the stuff that is going on where he is, but he's not allowed.

This one was pretty difficult to read, so we ended up transcribing it. Scroll past the scans to read it.


I have decided to drop you a line in response to that long letter you sent me. Am just wondering how you are making out. I was just kidding; I am glad to get all letters so just write any kind. I have just written "cousin" Bobby a line. I don't know, somehow, I feel the urge to write him. He is some guy. Never was much to write to anyone outside the family, but just to see what the Rascal would say, I shot him a few Sarcastic Remarks.

I am doing Ok and hope you are the same. Since you are an old married man I guess you have more time to paint! “Pap” said you were still on the job. Keep up the work and maybe you will get it finished by the time I get back. Incidentally, how are your plans coming along for your house. You know, Hoyt, that would be a dandy place for you to build across the street from Mother & Daddy. Margaret and I are going to build too, so we should have some start then.

Hoyt, I have built more air castles than ever before in my life. That's all I do. Even as busy as I am. I wish I could tell you just  how it is but I can't. I am hoping you don't have to go. I was surprised at Jack Carpenter being put in class 1-A. I know he dreads it. I guess lots of boys have been leaving lately and lots to go yet.

How are Mother and Daddy getting along? I guess they are kinda lonesome now — tho, if you are like “Pap” they dont have much time to get lonesome — He probably is still “traipsin” up & down the walk. He still writes to me just like he always did. I told him yesterday in a letter that he was just like me when it comes to leaving Booneville. Just like the bark on a Blackjack Sapplin. But that's not such a bad fault.

I am glad that you finally got on Regular. You are probably “in the doe” now — you know, Hoyt, that is good money. I guess, though, that your living expenses are pretty high. Margaret & I are saving all our money and when I get back, we should be able to get off on the Right foot. Am wondering what Pascal will do about the FBI job. That is gettin in pretty high action; but he could do it I assume.

I wish I could tell you lots of things that have happened — this is some place. It's a beautiful place, the scenery, but the other is not, if you know what I mean. You should see the planes Hoyt. They're big Rascals you know. And of course the other ones will go like you know what.

I am running out of [news???] so I guess I had better stop — I just wanted to let you know that I am Ok and I hope you are the same. Tell Mickey hello and all the Rest. 

Lots of love,

P.S. This is a poor excuse for a letter, but it's the best I can do now. 

J.D. (I.O.*) Box 


*I.O. = Initials Only. Not sure why he'd put that in a letter to his brother, unless it was just added for the benefit of the people who would be screening his letter since he signed it above there as simply "Jay."

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