Friday, May 29, 1942

JD says rumor has it that there's mail on the island, but he didn't get anything today. He's hoping to get some soon. JD talks about the weather and how it's affected his hygiene. He asks about his brothers' jobs. After a few days, JD writes a little more on the letter and says he's received a letter from Pascal that says Jos. Mitchell might be on the island. JD hasn't seen him, but he wishes that he could. He mentions that Hollis White also had to be shipped out.

Feel free to comment below if you can figure out what some of the blanks are supposed to say.

Dear Mother & All,

It is Saturday here, just before mess time & I will _____ you a few lines. I don't guess I can finish it before this afternoon though. It is Friday there & I guess everyone is getting ready for a large day Sat. I can just see things there; in my mind of course. Was hoping to hear from home today; but I don't think we will get mail this time. Maybe tomorrow. Rumor has it that we have mail on the island; so I guess we will get it shortly.

As usual I have nothing to write. It is beautiful weather just now, but has been bad — rainy. Yesterday it came in torrents. I have just shaved & taken a bath & feel much better — cleaner anyhow — I guess I have told you before I live by a small stream of water & can bathe easily — Have plenty of water to do my washing. Usually I just wear one set of clothes for a week & then change — Just the shirt and trousers. Have quit the underwear long ago. (This is some conversation; but you'll probably get lots from now on.) The army issues tooth brushes & paste. Also soap & razor blades to the men, so if one half way tries, one can stay pretty clean. Tho at times I have wondered if I could ever look human again.

I guess things are as usual though. I'll bet the weather is fine & things should be bustling right along. Pascal told me that he was trying to get into the FBI or, as he said, he might if he was accepted. He said that Hoyt would probably have to start working in the office since the Dobbins boys were leaving. How come Phillip Dobbins is working in the post office? Have they given another examination?

Well, here I am again after two days have passed! I just couldn't make it. One can never tell here what they will be doing next. I received a letter yesterday from Pascal dated May 6th or May 3rd it was & I was glad to get it. Am expecting lots of mail in a few days. He said that Jos. Mitchell's folks thought he was here. I don't know. He is in the infantry & I don't know about that. If you will find out what infantry he is in, I might be able to find out. But I doubt that very seriously. I just might accidentally hear sometime. See, while there is plenty of places he could be, I would give anything to run upon him. I guess probably he is a 1st Lt. by now.

I'll bet George (Unc.) is raving! That's just like him too. He would never have worked out (you needn't let him see this). I hope that you make good on the farm this. I guess _____ is as good as you would have found to work it. (This pen is screwy.)

And Hollis White finally had to go. Well, I guess he is just about as fit as anyone else. He really hated to I guess. When I saw him last, he sure dreaded the thought of it then.

I have run out of soop so I will just call it quits for now — I am making it Ok & don't worry. I will write more next time.

Lots of love to All,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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