Wednesday, June 10, 1942

JD is very pleased to have received a care package from home containing cake and cookies. He was also excited to read the newspaper that the cookies were wrapped packaged (The Commercial Appeal). In other news, JD now has a Specialist rating which means he'll get a pay increase.

As always, feel free to comment if you can figure out what any of the blanks are supposed to say.

Dearest Mother & All,

Well, I just had a nice surprise. I have just received the cake & cookies & was I glad. Tonight we will have cookies & ________! I wrote to you yesterday & I think that I said I believed it had gone down – Or maybe I told Margaret that. Anyhow I got it this morning & thanks so much. They’re just a little bit dry; but they’re good. It has been 5 weeks anyhow since they were mailed. Six weeks it is. To be exact 46 days. Packages don’t travel so fast as letters. It being 2nd or 3rd ________ mail. I am itching for my cigars to get here, but I won’t get them before August I don’t guess.

I hope that everyone is fine & that things are running along smoothly. Another thing I was so glad to get - The Commercial Appeal. I have read the pieces through & through. You know how we always dashed for the side walk every morning. The papers I am speaking about are the ones the cookies were wrapped in.

Things are as usual here. I have just finished washing some clothes. Have eaten some cookies & am now enjoying a fat cigar. Day before yesterday we were each given 3 of them & again last night at mess we got one more. As I told you once before, I got those that didn’t like cigars to give me theirs & I have about a dozen. Of course I mean the ones that are in my tent.

Am looking for more mail soon. Have been expecting some every [sic] for several days. The last time mail came I received 3 letters & I just so sure that I [sic] have more, I figured more would be in soon. Maybe after a few months the mail service will be better. You know the Japs could have something to do with our not getting mail. Although so far I believe I have received all of your mail.

I believe I told you about my getting the Specialist Rating. My pay is $42 now. It looks like now that we are going to get a big boost in pay; but don’t know as yet what it will all total when the ratings, yrs of service & the 20% is figured up. I am allowed one more increase in allotment & as soon as I know exactly what I am getting, I am going to increase it to the limit This month it is $25 – beginning June 1st.

I guess several of the boys are leaving from around there. Pascal said Hollis White couldn’t go because he was sick in bed. But he would go in June. I’ll bet he doesn’t want to go.

The weather here is much milder now. It is not near so hot as it was. Don’t know just how long it will last tho. I guess it is nice there. Probably having lots of good things to eat. Am wondering what everyone is doing. Guess Pascal is on the A.A.A. job or whatever it is called. I guess Hoyt is "sewing a fine seam" too. My wife hasn’t mentioned her job lately & am wondering how she is doing.

I guess this is enough for now. I just run completely out of soap. I’ll write again soon & don’t let up yourselves. Hope you are all well & thanks so much for the cake & cookies.

Your loving son,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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