Thursday, June 25, 1942

JD's family mentioned seeing on t.v. the convoy when it arrived in Australia; he tells them again that he mailed home the Scuttle Butt ship log about the journey over. He responds to Hoyt's mentioning the family drama that is apparently going on with Uncle George. JD asks about things at home, and says that he still often looks at the pictures they sent him. He's been eating pretty well lately (there's lots of cows on the island), but he hopes Margaret is still practicing to cook because he's going to eat a lot when he gets back!

As always, feel free to comment if you can figure out what any of the blanks are supposed to say.

Dearest Mother & All,

I have just finished writing to Margaret, so will do the same for you. As I told her, it has been so that I just couldn’t write to you, so if I fail sometimes to write for several days, just think real hard & you will know why.

I have been doing fine & I hope you are all the same. I received a great deal of mail from the family. All of from over the last week & I answered them once, I think. I got Hoyt’s letter too, the one that was typewritten & was glad to hear from him. I also received one from Jack. He’s the same thing, you can tell.

So you saw the convoy when it arrived in Australia. Yes I was there — very much so. I guess it was some sight! What a voyage – endless days & nights. Well I don’t have to go into that.

Hoyt said not to write the “Bears” [this is what they sometimes called Uncle George's family]. Well, I won’t. If they have got to act like babies they can do just that & no one will have anything to do with them. If they could just experience a few things, for instance this, they would wake up. Uncle George sent me a letter which was very nice. They were praying & all that you know & then when Hoyt told me the way they were doing, it just kinda put the skids to what I had just read in his letter. I guess tho that people live & learn, don’t they. I hate like the “devil” to have to try to teach people how to do. You have heard of the Japanese I guess.

I hope that everything is going along smoothly. I hate to hear about a “bloomin” army always going up there tho. What do you think? I just hope it is gone when I get back. It would probably put lots of money there tho. I hope that the farm is nice & that you will reap a big harvest. Am just wondering what the price of things are there. Cotton & etc. And furniture! Ha. Let em go sky high tho. We’ll get the furniture. Margaret is saving money on top of money I guess. I’m doing the same. That’s ok about the bonds.

I have looked at the pictures so much. They’re the best ones I’ve ever seen. So you’re a good looking bunch. Daddy’s weight seems to be doing the same with the rest. Big as horses. Except “Pee Wee”. I’m doing alright myself. I won’t miss too much. And I can’t understand why. Lately though have had pretty good meals. You know we eat out of mess kits that we carry with us. Have had some steak lately. There’s a great deal of beef on this island & we just happened to have steak! See? It’s not like yours tho mother. I am just wondering if my wife is learning to cook. She used to do it at home, but still she maybe ought to keep practicing. When I get home I’m going to eat up everything.

I hope that Hoyt is still home. And Pascal is probably on the cotton job. I guess they’re plenty old now! Does “Pap” ever come down there?!! Burke is looking mighty good. Tell her hello for me. I haven’t mentioned her in my letters at all I don’t believe.

If I don’t answer some of your questions or mention some of the things in your letters just charge it to my memory. Lots of times I mean to say certain things or answer some of your questions & then it slips my mind.

I sent the little diary book of the voyage over to Margaret (what grammar) & you can see it. She’ll bring it over. And I also sent a picture that was made in A_______ which was good. I was in it & I hope it gets through ok.

I’ll close for now & I’ll write again just as often as I can. Keep up your chins & I’ll do the same.

I was about to forget something I meant to say.

The picture I sent may be of interest to the Independent if you would like to have it put in the paper. You know it’s not every day that things like that come home. I just happened to think of it & thought I would mention it to you. If it would not injure the picture any way. I don’t know how they reprint the things. Just thought I would mention it.

I’ll be thinking of you & everyone & looking for more mail.

Lots of love,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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