Wednesday, June 17, 1942

JD received some photos of the family in the mail. He's glad to finally have confirmation that they're receiving his mail, so he's decided to send them a photo as well.

Dearest Mother & All,

I have just written to Margaret & will try to do the same for you. Yesterday I received the nicest mail & a good bit of it too. I received the pictures too. They were so nice. Well I guess I needn’t tell you what they did to me – you can’t imagine. I don’t think there could ever be as good look a group – ever. They were so good. It looked as if you were right here. I have been looking for this a long time. Am so glad that we know each other is getting the other one’s mail now. I have written lots today, but as you will find out, not much to tell. Everyone is looking well, but there’s a look on everyone one that can’t be hidden. I’ll be back tho. Mark that down in your little red book – or put it in your pipe and smoke it.

I’m doing ok. As usual. Doing the same things. I have looked at those pictures so much that everything is beginning to run together. Everything looks so natural. I am sending a picture to Margaret which I hope she gets & she will show it to you. It was made in a _________ & I have thought several times I would send it & then I would back out because I was afraid it wouldn’t go through.

I also received “Unc" & Auntie’s letter. Was so glad to hear from them. He’s talking about his cow (or _____ rather) & hogs. Tell them I think of them lots. Tell Ma hello too.

I am expecting more mail today as we have heard there is more in post. I hope so. I was beginning to think that I might not get my mail. We have heard that it is stacked up in Frisco. You can never tell what the story is tho. That’s just one thing we have to put up with.

I am doing ok & Mother as I have told you before, I received the cake & cookies. They were fine. – tho just a little bit dry!! I also got the church bulletin that you sent me. It makes one feel good to see that the people back home are behind you. I was about to forget to tell you that I got the May 9th issue of the Independent at noon when I went to mess. I also got a letter from, of all people, “Mopey” Carpenter. I was glad to hear from him. Says he thinks he will get his call soon. If he only knew… I guess or maybe I should say it looks like as far as the names on the church bulletin are concerned, that I'm the only one gone. They are probably coming home lots. They just haven’t run into anything yet. They’re having Boy Scout stuff back there & you can tell them when you see them. Tho I don’t guess there’s any use for me to be saying that. Just something to talk about. I hope they can continue to have it easy. And easy it is compared to foreign services. Incidentally I’m a veteran. I’ll soon have 6 months foreign service.

Am hoping that Hoyt is still home. I hope & pray he doesn’t have to go. Also Pascal. I think I told you about my pay. We have had our pay increased by dozens as you know & the bill is retroactive June 1st. So that’s what we got. See I’ll be making $66. Or I should say “the other half & I”. Said she bought herself a day bed. Bless her little heart. Said Louise & the kids took up the beds! I guess before long Louise will be going back to the boy. That’s the way it usually is. The kids are cute or have you seen them.

I guess that is enough for this time. It’s getting late in the afternoon & I have plenty to do. I’ll write again maybe tomorrow if I possibly can. Hope you are all well & am thinking of you all the time.

Lots of love,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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