Tuesday, July 7, 1942

JD has been really busy so he hasn't had time to finish a letter in a week or so. He's been receiving a good bit of their mail recently — some of it from way back in February. JD is now a PFC which means he's able to increase his pay allotment; he'll send money home when he has a bit saved up. JD is anxious to hear more news about Hoyt's being drafted.

As always, feel free to comment if you can figure out what any of the blanks are supposed to say. 

I put it June instead of July. Brilliant stuff.

Dearest Mother & All,

I guess you wonder why you haven’t received a letter from me the past week. However, if your mail comes like mine, you will get a great deal of it at once & it wouldn’t be missed so much as it would getting a letter every day or so. I had just finished a letter to Margaret yesterday, had it in the envelope & was beginning yours when - bingo! - had to stop. I just couldn’t so here I go. Tho I will tell you again that sometimes there may be a little time between letters. It just happens & can’t be helped.

I am doing ok & hope you are all well. Have been working hard & not much time for anything that I would like to do such as writing & etc. About three days ago I received 3 letters. One from Margaret, one from Dennis, & a Birthday card from Jamie Lee & Dennis. They were dated Feb. 23, 25, 26. And it’s July. Funny how those things get around. A great deal of old mail came in. The day before yesterday I received a card from Diddie Walker & it had a “V” for victory pen on it. It’s pretty & I wear it on my collar. Was proud of the Birthday Card from Jamie & Denny. I guess you have been getting a great many letters from me now. I hope so. Ihave been getting yours. We usually get our regular mail every other week. Sometimes a stray letter will come in, but not often.

As you can see, I’m a P.F.C. now. Have been ever since June 1st. Didn’t know it tho. My specialist rating was taken away after the new pay conversion. That makes my pay $64.80 per mo. instead of $60. I have raised my allotment from $25 to $35 now. I don’t know for sure when it will start tho. Probably July or August. The Pay clerk didn’t know, but that doesn’t cut any figures. It will start June, July, or August. I told Margaret about the dependency benefits which is allotted to department of men in the armed forces. Now I don’t know whether she (Margaret) will get it or not. I hope so. I don’t know whether one has to be unemployed or not. In case she did get it, this is the way it works. Beginning June 1st (the bill is retroactive) the Govt. will take $22 out of my pay (not counting my allotment) & they would match it with $28, making a total of $50. She would get that each month, but for the months of June, July, August, Sept. & Oct she wouldn’t receive this pay until the first of November when she would get the sum of all those months or $250. Thereafter she would get the $50 each month. With the $35 which comes to you our savings would be $85 each month. That would be pretty good, you know. See. However I guess you know all about the bill so I guess that’s enough for that. I saw about it & it is going through. I hope all married men are eligible. I told you in my last letter I think it was to use some of the allotment if you will. I do not care now, so use it if you please. I know that money doesn’t grow on trees there, neither does it here, but you can use it I know.

We were paid night before last for the month of May & I have $18 with me & that’s what I drew after the $15 allotment came out. We usually get paid for two months at a time, but I guess this new pay bonus kinda turned things upside down, so we probably won’t get paid for June. Which is already due us unit Aug 1st. Or maybe in a few days we might get paid for June & the wait until Sept 1st for the pay of July & Aug. That’s a twister isn’t it? But that just gives you a grand idea of things. Our big pay started June 1st so the next payday will be a big one. When & if I happen to get a good bit saved in my pocket, I will send it home by money order if I can get one. I think they’re getting scarce.

Wonder how things are there. I have wondered & thought over & over about Hoyt. Would like to know if he is in the army. I may just write him a letter & send it to you & you can forward it on to him. If he is in, he is probably kinda over the _______ in. I don’t think he will ever have to leave the states tho. I don’t like to talk about his living in the army tho. He might be right there.

I guess you are working as usual. “Pap” is probably working for the A.A.A. Or whatever it is. I really murder the English language when I try to write. I guess I had better close for this time. I guess we will get some more mail the latter part of this week or first of next. It will be due. I can hardly wait from one time to the next. I maybe don’t answer some questions or say what you want me to sometimes, but if I don’t mention a certain letter & etc. just can’t remember to, or just overlook it.

I hope you are all well & doing fine. I’ll be thinking of you looking for those letters.

Lots of love,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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