Sunday, June 28, 1942

In this letter JD is replying to mail that he's received. He's sad to hear that Hoyt has quit his job since he's likely to be drafted into the army soon; hopefully he won't have to go, though. JD tells the family to keep an eye on Life Magazine because they've been in the area taking photos for a story. (Perhaps it was this one, or this one?)

As always, feel free to comment if you can figure out what any of the blanks are supposed to say. 

Dearest Mother & All,

It is Sunday here so I will just write to you if I can. It is a pretty hard job sometimes tho. I am doing fine & hope you are all well. I told you about getting a letter from Jack. Well, I have just answered it. I thought since he had taken the trouble, the little it was to write to me, I might as well do him the favor of answering.

Mail has come in & last night some of it came down to our battery & I got one from Dennis & the 28th of May issue of the Independent. Was glad to get them. Dennis said Hoyt had quit his job as he might just as well get some rest before he went to the army. That was the first I have known that he was subject immediately to the draft. I knew that he had been put in I.A. as you have been telling you all along, but I guess that news will be in another letter. The mail which came in to us last nite was some that had been assorted hurriedly & we will probably get lots of it today & the next day or so. I hate to hear that he has to go if he does. Maybe Ford can help him.

So Pascal is working on the cotton job. Or rather he is going to the school now as Dennis said. That’s pretty handy isn’t it? I don’t think he will ever have to go.

I have finally got my pay straight. I am making $60 per month now. The specialist rating which I had doesn’t count. The specialist ratings are all out. I hope to get another rating though. Am still on the same thing & I will be I suppose for the rest. If you know what I mean. After all I have had lots of training in it & you can’t just train them over nite.

There’s lots of things I would like to talk about. Oodles & oodles of things, but I can’t so won’t. You remember the Coral Sea Battle. Well they weren’t just headed for A_______ if you get what I mean. Everything here is about the same. If you will watch the issue of Life Magazine for several months, don’t know which one it will be in, but they are taking pictures & etc of the forces on this island & making it up for the magazine & you might be interested in looking at it & reading what they have to say. It would be very interesting.

So Mr. Bullard is loving his job. So Dennis said. Wonder what he will do. The little “Runt” will do something I suppose. Guess the Fall's had another big “Row”.

I hope that Jamie & Dennis are doing good in their work. Pascal said your garden was real nice. That’s one source of pleasure for you & Daddy. I find that when one works or is busy one doesn’t worry so much. Doesn’t have the time. Tho when you have to on the go you can’t help yourself.

Tell me about the payments on the place & those things. Looks like you will need help. If you don’t tell me those things I’ll _______ a “_______”.

I guess this is about all I can do for now. I’ll write again soon. I’m doing ok & please don’t worry. If Hoyt should happen to go _________ & tell me his address. And don’t forget.

Lots of love,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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