Sunday, June 14, 1942

JD is disappointed that he hasn't received any mail this week, but he hopes to get some soon. He mentions again how thankful he was to receive the cake and cookies from home. He also talks about the weather, his pay increase, and wonders how his sisters and wife are liking their jobs.

Dearest Mother & All,

It is Sunday here & I have just finished eating dinner; which was pretty good & I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I am ok. Have just taken a bath & shaved & cleaned up so I feel pretty good. I hope that you are all well & doing fine. I guess things there are as usual. Running along smoothly I hope.

I haven’t receive any mail in a week or more, but I hope to get some before this week is gone. I think I should get lots of it this time. I hope you received the letter in which I told you that I received the cake & cookies. They were fine & I enjoyed them very much. So did the other boys in the tent.

Everything is quiet here. Don’t know what the name of this “front” could possibly be called. The weather is milder now; but the mosquitoes are still with us.

I can write very little. As you have found out by this time. We have just heard that our pay has been increased to $50 base pay. If I have it figured right, I am getting $66 per month. When I can, I am going to raise the allotment to $60. I hope that I can do that soon.

I hope that Jamie & Dennis are liking their work & also Margaret. They’re probably sewing a fine seam now. I guess “Widget” is still the same thing. I have no news whatsoever so I will close for now. When I receive more mail from you maybe I can write letters more. At least I can ask a few question.

Lots of love to all,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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