Thursday, July 16, 1942

JD received a bunch of letters from everybody. He was especially happy to read that Hoyt was rejected by the draft. JD mentions that he was very near a fight that his mother heard about on the radio.

As always, feel free to comment if you can figure out what any of the blanks are supposed to say. 

Dearest Mother & All,

I was really made happy yesterday. I received 13 letters — four from Margaret, which were dated June 7, 11, 13, & 17th; two from Hoyt dated June 7 & 18th; one from Pee-Wee June 18th (hope the storm didn’t blow her away!); one from Denny June 11th; two from “Pap” June 7th & 13th; and 3 from Mother June 7th, 10, & 17th.

That made 13 in all & was I glad. I got more than anyone in the Btry. Ole Box always gets it. I haven’t received the packages as yet. The cigars Hoyt sent or the gum you sent. I’ll get them before long though. I believe my wife sent me some cigars & also some stationary. I’ll get it all tho & when I do I’ll tell you when I got it all. Thanks so much for all the letters & packages. I’m doing fine & hope you are all the same. What made me glad tho was to hear that Hoyt was rejected. I had thought of him so much & could just see him & knew exactly how he felt. Hoyt how do you think you would like it? I started to write you a letter of consolement & have the folks forward it to you; but I got the news & I was relieved. I hope that you won’t get another call. Altho I have just read another letter & you are still in I.A. Maybe you won’t have to. I know just how you when you got that Red tag. I looked for one, but it never came. I got the yellow one. Ha.

Everything is about as usual. For the last few weeks have been on the go. Not much time for anything. Mother you spoke of sitting at the Radio & listening while the fight in the _________ was going on. Well I happen to be on one of those things & I was doing the same. Wasn’t so very far away either. They weren’t just headed for A_______. Well we have got by so far. I know you are all reading newsgrams & listening to the radio etc. I could tell endless tales of things you would never believe, but I can’t so will leave it for the reunion. I’ll bet you did have a reunion when Hoyt got back. Will have one someday that will make that one look “puny”.  Denny said you were all down home one nite, all the inlaws & the whole “push” & said you were really “talking”. I can just see you. Will have some “bull sessions”. She said Baby was kinda “gruntin” with his hay fever! So it was _______ potatoes! (Maybe there’s too much protein!!) Daddy you’re looking mighty “fittin” that I got the two pictures ________ of the force at the shape. Everything looks good. I can just see that place. Tell Joe & R.B. to get the mat on the floor & the Ropes up & I’ll take them on when I get back! Tell Albert I would like to hear from him too so he can write if he wants to.

And the thought Jack was crazy. Well I guess he is just about it. I wrote to him a while back. He’ll be tickled pink & green to hear from me. This is kinda shrimpy, but just overlook it.

Haven’t had any deer meat in a good while, “Pap”. So you’ve done in _____________ ________ Bottoms! Guess you’re summation too.

Mother I got the air mail stamps too. Also the June 11th Independent. Will be glad to see my pictures. I sent you one that was made in A____________ so if you haven’t put it in the paper will be glad to see it too. I guess they would be glad to print it. Daddy, that’s my tie you have on. Pull it off! I’ll need it someday.

I’m about to run out of soap, so will quit for now. I’ll write again soon. I’ll get your packages shortly. And the camera & films. I forgot that. Boy I’ll be glad to get that too. I can take pictures that would be priceless you know. However I wouldn’t want you to pay much for it. Am glad you are hearing from me now & to know that the mail is going through ok. I’ll always write as much as I can & I’ll take care of myself too. Funny you never say that! Margaret seems to be doing fine. She talks about you all the time. I’m saving all the money I can practically all of it, & she’s doing the same so we will have a nice sum when I get back. I’ll close & be looking for the packages. The letters are always assorted & sent out to various outfits first, see? Hope you are all well & I’ll be looking for more mail.

Lots of Love,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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