August 25
JD's first letter home. Written from Fort Bragg during his time in basic training. He is not having an easy time.

September 5
Letters from JD's mother, Pascal, and Widget, mostly complaining that it's been so long since the last time JD wrote to them. Also mentioned are some health issues that JD's been having. Widget missed JD at his birthday dinner.

November 13
Letter from JD. He sent pictures to the family and mentions getting to come home to visit soon.

December 6
Letter from JD. He's now in Massachusetts at Camp Edwards, and it's much better than Fort Bragg. He mentions health issues and hopes for a Christmas furlough.

December 8
The day after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, Pascal sends a new letter to JD. They're all still trying to figure out a way to get JD released from service.

December 9
Letter from JD's mother. Mentions Pearl Harbor, sending him stamps, and talks about trying to get JD transferred.

December 12
Letter from JD's mother. More talk of war and worry. Hoping JD will get a Christmas furlough.

December 13
Pascal included a letter received from the Selective Service State HQ concerning JD's possibility to transfer from Camp Edwards.

December 19
Letter from Jamie talking about the box of Christmas goodies that the family mailed to JD, and all the Christmas shopping they've been doing.

December 20
Letter from Pascal. He's worried he'll be drafted soon. Talking about changes at school. Tells JD to put in an application to be transferred. Still hoping JD can get a Christmas furlough.

December 22
Letter from Pascal about wiring JD money so he can take furlough.

December 22 
Christmas card from JD.
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