Sunday, July 12, 1942

JD’s still hoping for mail soon since it’s been two weeks since the last time he got any. He hasn’t figured out how he’s going to get his photo negatives developed. Since the film belonged to a friend, he may end up sending them to the friend’s wife so she can develop them and have copies made to be sent to JD’s family. JD asks about the farm and Pap’s job.

As always, feel free to comment if you can figure out what any of the blanks are supposed to say. 

Dearest Mother & all,

I wrote to you yesterday but as there was very little in the letter, I’ll try & scratch a little more.

It is Sunday morning here so it must be Saturday there. I have just written to Margaret & I nearly always write to you at the same time. There is nothing to report from here. The same old thing. Am dong ok & hope that you are all well. Would give anything if I could hear from home. It has been two weeks since our regular mail came in so it’s getting time for more.

Those are the times I am the happiest — when I hear mail is here, then I get “high behind”. You just can’t imagine. I guess you can too. I guess you have been getting my mail right along now. I have written to you lots. As I told Margaret & I have you too I think, I haven’t been able to write as much for the past week or so for some time. Instead of writing several times each week like I have been, I’ll do well to write once or twice a week — for _____ _____ can’t tell. Nothing out of the extra ordinary. Just don’t have time. See, everything is quiet except for the regular hustle & bustle of the Army. And it’s quite different from being in Camp back in the States. Have been very busy for some time now. Not too busy (Mother you nearly always spelled it “buisy”). Remember? You used to spell it with an “I”. I enjoy how one thinks of things so childish. I started to say, I’m not too busy to look at my pictures. I have them in my pocket now & carry them with me all the time. Carry them in my shirt pocket. I haven’t been able to get the negatives developed of our pictures yet. Goldstein & I, if we can we will send them to his wife (they were his films) & she can have them developed & have two of each made. Then she can send them to you or Margaret. We will do that if we are allowed to.

I guess things are going as usual there. I can just picture everything. It is Saturday & everything is bustling I guess. How is Baby & his farm? I hope he gets a big profit this year. Pap is probably on the cotton job. And I’m as usual, doing ok. That kinda gets old — saying the same thing over & over. Think I’ll change it. I’ll close for now & be looking for your letters. I’ll write as often as I can.

Lots & lots of love to all,

J.D. (I.O.) Box

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